Fresh Show
Пн-Пт 7-10 am

Fresh Show is a bright, energetic and positive show hosted by Alexey Dmitriev and Lilia Anisimova who definitely know how to make your morning fresh! Lilia studied journalism in Moscow University and worked for Russian television, then got her Masters

First Shift
Пн-Вc 10 am-12 pm

First Shift’s host Inna is known for her unusual way of thinking. And this is exactly what you need to keep up when her show is on! Her music preferences are quite universal. Inna Fateeva believes that Miami is an

The Two Views
Чт 2-3 pm

The Two Views is the kind of thing you can’t miss! Alexander Gerasimov and Mark Rasstanny host their new weekly show every Thursday between 2 and 3 pm that features hot news and discussions on politics, economics and

Mother Can Do
Ср 2-3 pm

Mother Can Do It is Marusia Ryabova’s show who is a mom of many children and an Instagram ‘Secret.poryadka’ blogger. She shares her inspiring stories of moms who discover their unexpected talents and create businesses while taking care of their

Hot Midday
Пн-Пт 12-3 pm | Сб-Вс 12-4 pm

Hot Midday’s Alexander loves music since his early childhood and started his DJ career when he was in High school. He loves sleeping a lot and walking in his shorts all the year around - that is why Miami

Evening Bell
Пн-Пт 3-6 pm

Latest news, interesting guests and good mood are absolutely guaranteed with Evening Bell’s hosts Elena Shvets and Konstantin Rodionov! They are neither singers nor actors, comedians or spots top celebrities: they are much better ‘cause they are both genuine and

Пн-Пт 6-7 pm | Сб-Вс 4-8 pm

Pret-à-listen is the show hosted by Julia Malinova who is multifaceted by her nature and loves sports, literature, classical music and... Rammstein band. That’s why she is waiting for them to sing something in Russian so Miami.FM listeners could enjoy

Miami LIVE
Пт 8-9 pm

Every Friday from 8pm you can enjoy your loved musicians live! Best concerts and hits - live only with Miami-LIVE!