1. Miami. FM radio broadcast frequency is 102.7 FM HD2. This means that your car radio device must be marked HD.

2. Just turn your radio on FM mode and find 102.7, then switch to HD2 and save our radio station 102.7 FM HD2 in your favorites. Now you can enjoy us 24/7 with outstanding quality from Kendall to West Palm Beach.

3. However, in some vehicles you need to chose and mark ‘HD Radio’ from the radio options. If for some reasons you cannot activate HD mode, we recommend to consult with your car dealer servicing your vehicle. Make sure you ask whether your car model supports HD radio frequencies and how it needs to be activated.

4. In case your car model or home radio do not support HD standard, you can always listen to us on our Miami.FM site’s direct stream. Just go on to www.miami.fm and click on Listen online. Now you can listen to Miami.FM radio anywhere using any of your mobile or wi-fi devices or computer. Or simply download our Radio Miami FM application from App Store or Google Play.